I heard an alarming, yet exciting, statistic the other day from Maria Gudelis a Search Engine Marketing Guru type of lady.  She said that 86% of people nowadays use Google instead of their Yellow Pages.

This is alarming because there are tons of businesses still paying thousands of dollars to have a nice yellow pages ad.

But exciting because it’s actually amazingly simple to list your business in Google.  Oh…and did I mention it costs you a whole bunch of nothing.

The tricky part is optimizing it to be found by Google for whatever it is you do.

And here’s another neat thing.  Google is so good at what they do.  They have probably already found your business and put it in their database and it’s just floating out there waiting for someone to come along and verify that listing.

I can go look at a number of business categories in Google Maps and see hundreds of businesses that haven’t verified their listings.

So is your Business Verified in Google?

If not…give us a call 505-750-3736 we will verify your listing and optimize it to be found in the search engines.

This really is the quickest & easiest way to get page one rankings for your business.