Does Your Website Need More Customers?

The old saying “if you build it…they will come” isn’t true for your business website. If you would like to get more customers coming to your website you have to implement just 4 things.

  1. Market Research
  2. Site Creation
  3. Site Promotion
  4. Conversion

We discovered this process after working with hundreds of websites and asking the question, “Why do some websites rank at the top of Google and others don’t.” It all begins with Market Research.   The #1 problem we have seen with every company we have worked with is…..they make their websites about themselves. Your website should be about you, or how long you have been in business, or anything like that. It should be about your customer. Your customers are going to Google and trying to solve a problem.  The websites that Google thinks will be the best solution to those problems will show up on the first page of Google.  Then once they visit that website, if your website is about how long you have been in business and not about how you can fix their problem, they will click back and go look at another website. You literally have a couple seconds to answer their question or they will go visit a competitors website. To serve your customer in the best way possible, we use tools and services to find out the questions people are asking in the Google. Once you know the problems people are trying to solve you move to the next phase: Site Creation During this phase we make sure your website is about being the best resource for solving those problems.   Google likes to put a variety of formats of content on the 1st page.  You might see images, videos, news releases and articles on websites. So we give Google what they want: A video, an article and an image. We call this leveraged content creation. Once you know the questions customers are asking, you create helpful resources in all these different formats. Site Promotion   Once the helpful resources have been created you can begin the promotion process.  This is what most people think SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is all about. There is this weird misconception that we know some form of magic or voodoo and can do a “trick” to make your website rank at the top of Google in Hawaii. This process takes the longest of all the phases. For most companies, this process takes around 6 months. It involves getting backlinks, creating web 2.0 accounts, promoting YouTube videos, writing press releases and doing this over and over and over again for nearly every keyword you want to rank for. Not only that, Google is constantly changing their algorithm that decides who is going to rank at the top and they keep this very secret.  They will change things up and then it’s up to us to do research and find out what Google wants and how to do things the best way possible. For one company, we worked for an entire year to get the #1 spot and overnight Google changed and dropped that site to the #300 position. When something like this happens we have to go back and start from scratch. All this means is you will begin to get more and more customers coming to your website and since you did Phase 1 & 2 correctly you will help your customers and since you helped them they will want to do business with you. Now that you have traffic…the next phase is conversion. Conversion Every page on your website should have only one job you want it to do.  And that job should be trackable.  If you want people to call you, you need to be able to track how many phone calls come from your website a day.  If you want people to give you their email, you need to know how many people give you their email everyday. So if 100 people come to your website how many of them take the action you want them to take? Believe it or not, color of the call to action, color of a button, the placement on your website, etc all effect your conversion rate. But You’ll never know how to get your website optimized if you’re not tracking. Once you’re tracking things, we begin a split testing process. Which will help you see what works best to get you customers. Think about it….if you are getting 10 people out of every 100 visitors to call and you can change a color on your website and all of a sudden 20 people out of every 100 begin to call you. You have essentially just doubled your business. This is the 4 Phase Process that we use in our SEO Company in Honolulu, Hi.  If you would like help implementing this system in your business fill out an application form and we will lay out a plan to help you grow your business.