With Google releasing their new Google Plus Local and integrating the Zagat review system.

I wanted to know how they would score a review.

If you didn’t know. They are no longer doing 5 star reviews are rating it on a 30 point scale.

In this first review box I went to leave a review for a local Print shop.

Google Plus Local Review 1


It’s interesting so far. I was a bit worried they would have the same review box for service type of businesses as they do for restaurants but in this box there’s Quality, Appeal & Service.

This next review box was for a MMA & Kickboxing school.



This one only had 1 rating system: Quality.

This last review box was for a local hamburger joint.

Food, Decor, Serive & Cost per person.

It’s good to see Google isn’t lumping every business type into one category and having them all rated the same.  There is also the ability to change the label type if Google gets it wrong.

It will be interesting how they come up with the rating up to 30.  Right now they multiply it all by 10 and take an average to get your score.

Will it change?  Probably.  Google is always changing everything.