Over a cup of coffee with my wife this morning I noticed some genius facebook marketing by Flying Star in Albuquerque, NM.

They start it all off with a catchy slogan “Coffee…the original energy drink”


Then they created a contest to take pictures of interesting things you do with their cup of coffee and put them up on the Flying Star Page.

Pure Genius!

1. This gets people to go and like your page.
2. They have to go and buy a cup of coffee to take the picture….which equals money.
3. They take a picture of the coffee and add it to your page.
4. Their friends see the picture and think it’s funny and maybe join the contest themselves.
5. They continue to come back and come back and come back to your page because they wanna see if they won the $50 gift card.

Conversation on your facebook page is key to being successful in your facebook marketing.

Bravo to Flying Star for coming up (or more likely stealing it from someone else 🙂 with this marketing plan.

How might you do something like this? Write a comment below.