How To Start Writing Devotionals: A Beginner’s Guide to Making a Spiritual Impact


How To Start Writing Devotionals: A Beginner's Guide to Making a Spiritual Impact

by RK Castillo

Did you know thousands of people are looking for ways to deepen their relationship with God and grow spiritually, and they’re wanting to do it every single day? 

 They’re waiting for you to help them by finally writing and publishing that devotional.

 I know it sounds overwhelming because you’ve probably never published a book and you have no idea if you did the work to write a devotional if anyone would even use it. But I’m going to share with you a simple 3 step process to know exactly what people are looking for so you can help them in their journey to get to know God better.

 Step 1: Discover What Devotionals People Actually Want

The first step is figuring out which devotionals will actually help people. 

Amazon is a gold mine because they literally give you everything you need to know if you know where to look.

People are actively searching for devotionals on Amazon because they want to deepen their relationship with God and grow spiritually. So by knowing what people are searching for you’ll know how to make a meaningful impact in people’s lives.

Here’s how you can verify this: go to Amazon and start typing in keywords related to devotionals in the search bar. As you type, you’ll see phrases pop up in the suggestions. These suggestions are based on what people are actually searching for. If a phrase pops up, it means someone has gone to Amazon and asked for that specific devotional on that specific topic.

This simple search method allows you to see exactly what topics are in demand. It gives you a clear idea of what people are looking for, so you can create devotionals that will be helpful and relevant to their needs.


Step 2: How To Write & Design

The second step is overcoming the common struggle of not knowing what to write about. The good news is that Amazon has a “Look Inside” feature for many of the devotionals people have written. If you have a devotional idea that people are searching for, you can use this feature to gain insights into what others have written.

Simply go to Amazon, find a few devotionals that are similar to your idea, and use the “Look Inside” feature to check out their table of contents and how they format their devotionals. This will give you a clear idea of how to structure your own work.

And the cool thing is, you can model (not copy) these designs using free online tools like Canva. Canva makes it easy to create beautiful, professional-looking layouts for your devotionals, even if you don’t have any design experience.

 By using the “Look Inside” feature and tools like Canva, you can easily create and format your devotional, knowing that it’s exactly what readers are already looking for. 

Step 3: Find The Sweet Spot

 Many people fear that they’ll put in all the effort to write and publish a book, only to find that no one will actually buy it.

 But here’s how to overcome that fear: look at the other devotionals in your niche on Amazon and pay attention to the Amazon Best Sellers Rank. This number is a good indicator of how well a book is selling.

If the Best Sellers Rank is around 100,000, it means 1-2 people are buying that book per day. If it’s around 50,000, approximately 5 people are buying it per day. This can give you a realistic idea of the potential sales for your devotional.

Another important metric to look at is the number of results for that type of devotional. When you search for a specific topic, Amazon will display the number of results at the top. If there are around 30,000 results, it will be very difficult for your devotional to stand out in such a competitive space. However, if that number is less than 2000, you’re in a sweet spot with less competition and a higher chance of your devotional reaching the top of the search results and being noticed by readers.

So, if you know that people are actively looking for a devotional on this topic, you’ve looked at the table of contents and you know you can write something similar, and it has sales by looking at the Best Sellers Rank, this is your sweet spot. 

To make this process even easier, I’ve created “The Devo Path” data sheet. I’ve spent hours and hours doing the research for you to find what devotionals people are actually searching for, analyzing the competition, and using software to gauge how many people are searching for these devotionals each month. This comprehensive spreadsheet will save you hours of time and the frustration of writing and publishing a book without knowing if it will actually help people.

With “The Devo Path,” you’ll have all the information you need at your fingertips to choose the perfect topic, validate its demand, and get started on creating a devotional that will truly serve people.

And the best part? It’s currently available at a discounted price, but this offer won’t last forever.

We also have a training program on how to write and self-publish devotionals in less than a week, but today we’re focusing on the data part to know if your devotional idea is something that will truly serve people.

So click the link to get “The Devo Path” today while it’s on sale. I’m excited to see how this tool will help you make a meaningful impact with your devotionals.

See you on the inside!

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