Hey, did you know that finishing the Great Commission isn’t the job of your pastor or the missionary out there in the field?


I know it sounds crazy because we’re so used to hearing that we need to get people to church, and while that is important, I’m going to share three Tips with you today that might revolutionize the way you think about Finishing The Great Commission.


I’m RK and I’ve helped hundreds of thousands of people around the world meet & follow Jesus.


But as I traveled around and ministered to people and I watched people give their lives to Jesus I began to ask the question…


What now?  


Jesus said we need to preach to everyone and disciple all the nations.  


We’re not just supposed to get decisions we’re supposed to find & multiply workers.


So what is the key to Finishing The Great Commission?




(Every Follow of Jesus * Knowing Their Purpose * Demonstrating The Kingdom of God With Power * Preaching The Good News Of The Kingdom * Discipling New Believers To Be Workers= Every Person Reached & All Nations Discipled


Right before Jesus left he said to Disciple Nations and Preach The Gospel To All. 


So I’m going to share with you 3 Tips to help you Find Your Place In Finishing The Great Commission.


And I know what you’re probably thinking: I don’t know enough…how can I finish the Great Commission?


This method is so simple my kids do this and get amazing results.


So the first Tip is, Find Your Specific Role


The big idea here is In the western world we think it’s the job of the pastor and missionary to finish The Great commission


But in the Bible the ones responsible for doing the ministry, reaching out to people, demonstrating the power of the kingdom of God….


Is the normal people who aren’t “professional” ministers.  


Ephesians 4 makes it pretty clear that the job of the professional ministers is to equip the normal everyday people to do the “ministry” 


So finishing the Great Commission is 100% the responsibility of the normal everyday believer finding their purpose, their assignment, and going out with Purpose to demonstrate the Greatness of the Kingdom.  


The second Tip is the Miraculous.


The Bible says the Kingdom of God is not a matter of talk but of power.  


As you begin to find your purpose, your assignment.  God says he will send you out like Sheep Among Wolves.  


Sheep are normally lunch for the wolves but Jesus shares a way to see wolves supernaturally transformed into sheep.  


By Demonstrating the Good News Of the Kingdom Through the Supernatural Power of God. 


Jesus says “when you enter a town…heal the sick who are there”  


In another verse he says “heal the sick, raise the dead, cleanse lepers and cast out demons”


In Mark Jesus says there are signs that are following the believers they’re demonstrating the supernatural power of God.  


I believe every follower of Jesus can and should see miracles happening in their everyday  lives and it happens as they follow a simple ‘5 Step Healing Model’ that I’ll share with you about in just a little bit. 


The third Tip is You Will Be Judged By How Much You Multiply.


During a prayer time, God asked me a question “What’s the Purpose of Fruit?”  


I wasn’t smart enough to know so I asked the Google.  


The Purpose of Fruit on a tree is so the tree can multiply.  So it can get seeds out to multiply new plants.  


Jesus said “You will judge a tree by it’s fruit”  


You are a tree but are you trying to multiply?  


I think the key to multiplying is Discipling New Believers To Be Workers. 


Workers go out and do the kingdom work and plant seeds and multiply the work of the Kingdom in 4 Fields.  


Again, I’ll share about the 4 fields soon.   


But this is why when Jesus sent out his disciples to do outreach he said basically “Beg me…Beg me to hurl out workers into the harvest”  


And so I’ve developed this Purpose Concepts Monthly training course so you can have the tools you need to find your place in God’s plan to finish the Great Commission. 


I’ve had the opportunity to travel to all the Continents except for Antarctica and publicly minister to hundreds of thousands.  


Recently I’ve moved these same strategies online and we’ve seen entire nations reached with the Good News of Jesus.


But if we’re going to Finish the Great Commission we need as many workers out there as possible, helping people find their place in God’s plan to reach every person and disciple all the nations.  


Purpose Concepts Monthly is a compilation of all the workshops and trainings i have put together to help you find your place in God’s plan, equip you with tools to demonstrate his greatness and to multiply workers every where you go.  


Every workshop is created to give you a tool that you can learn and then multiply what you’ve discovered into the workers you discover in your sphere of influence, we see the Great Commission happening through 4 Fields.  


New Workshops and trainings are being added regularly.  


Along with what I call Book Concepts.  


I’m a full on nerd.  I love reading and studying.  And I’ve realized a lot of people don’t like to do that.  


So what I do is grab the important concepts in books that will help you finish the Great Commission and do a video explaining those concepts to save you time and money.  


If you’d like to jump into these workshops and get these Book Concepts you have 2 options:


Option 1 is Monthly or Option 2 is to save money and pay Yearly.  


I purposefully made this training affordable so we can help as many people as possible.  


Also if you jump in today I’ll throw in a couple extras. 


I wrote 2 short books, one on finishing the Great Commission called Kingdom 24902,  The circumference of the earth is 24902 miles.  There’s a simple strategy I learned from a group in India that baptized 1 Million people on the day of Pentecost.  I’d like to give you that book for Free.  


There’s another book called Jesus Heals.  I believe it’s every follower of Jesus calling to demonstrate the Goodness of God by healing the sick.  So this is a training on how to Heal the Sick.  And answers the most common questions about healing.  


Finally, I realized that one of the greatest opportunities to reach people has opened up to us over the last decade….the interwebs.  


Millions of people that are far from God are going onto the interwebs everyday asking questions.  


I had a business course where I taught people a step by step process to get websites ranked at the top of the Google.   I would like to give that to you as a Bonus just for jumping into the Purpose Concepts Monthly.  


So you’ll get the Great Commission Training.  You’ll get the Book Concepts and on top of that you’ll get the Kingdom 24902 Book, the Jesus Heals Book & Training and the Google Domination training.  


I honestly don’t know how much longer we’ll keep this offer open. I mean, I’d like to make this training available to everyone but I want to find workers, multipliers, doers.  If this training isn’t helping people multiply workers and disciples then I’ll take it down.  .


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I can’t wait to see you on the inside.


Have a great day.