What’s up? What’s up? What’s up? Hey everybody.

It’s been a little bit since I did a video. Think about this. last week, I went to Santa Clarita, hung out with my friends over there at Desert Streams Church and did the youth camp. I just got some awesome testimonies. They called me and said, “Hey man, I want to let you know what happened since the camp.” They started talking about how kids are coming in and saying, “Hey, we’re going into missions. We’re going to go on this trip to India with you.” And other kids are going. Whenever they go shopping, they have to go find someone to pray for in the store. 

I started to think about this. Man, you reproduce what’s inside of you in others. I talked about this in another one of my videos, but God asked me, “Hey, what’s the purpose for fruit? Why do trees produce fruit?” I was like, “I have no idea.” So, I went to the Google and I was like, “Google, why do trees produce fruit?” They produce fruit so that they can reproduce. I’m thinking about this, an apple tree won’t reproduce an orange tree. An apple tree won’t pop out a banana, because you reproduce what’s inside of you in others. 

We need to be about reproducing. We need to be about taking what’s inside of us, what God is putting in us and rubbing that off in some others. Inside of me is mission and demonstrating the power of God. I’m just so stoked that these young people are getting it and they’re getting out there and they’re doing it. 

But every single one of you is called to be fruitful. Jesus says, “You judge a tree by its fruit” Purpose of fruit is for multiplication. So, what’s inside of you that’s getting out and rubbing off on other people? That’s my question to you, because you got to be fruitful. So hopefully, there’s some good holy goes fruit rubbing off and multiplying in other people, not some of the other tree. We don’t want to talk about that, what it is. Galatians 5:19, let’s just say that. Hopefully, that isn’t the fruit on your tree that you’re reproducing in others. 

But ask yourself that. What am I reproducing in others? Know this, God wants you to fully reproduce what Jesus has done in you and others. You’re called to multiply. 

Do you know what they call something that takes everything in and nothing goes out of? They call that a black hole, man. It just sucks everything in. Never has anything out the backside. Maybe they call that constipation. I don’t know. Maybe we should call it that. 

Don’t be constipated. Don’t be a black hole. You need to reproduce. Don’t take everything in and not let anything out. Can I get an Amen? Amen. Amen.