Blessers Vs Converters

Boom shaka-laka! What’s up? What’s up? What’s up, everybody?

                     Hey man, I was just reading about this, I don’t know, research project, this experiment in Thailand. There were two different groups of business missionaries that went into Thailand. One group, they called the blessers. The other group, they called the converters. 

                     So, the blessers, their whole goal was to go and serve the community, bless them, and see how they can best serve the community and introduce them to Jesus. 

The converters’ primary goal was to just go and convert people. 

                     So, who do you think actually led more people to Jesus in those two groups – the blessers versus the converters? What do you think?

Wife:   Blessers.

RK:             What do you think? 

Daughter:   Blessers.

RK:             It’s probably because they heard me talk about it. 

Wife:   Yup.

Daughter:   Yup. We totally heard that. It’s not a secret from us. 

RK:             The blessers actually led 50 times more people to the Lord in a five-year period. They’re pretty crazy, right? So, we always ask the same three questions every single Sunday at church, every single small group, every single discipleship. 

What we do, we say, “Hey, followers of Jesus do three things. They follow, they fish and they train others to fish.” 

So, we started to say this at church. We say, “How have you done fishing for Jesus this week?” And we spell fish, B-L-E-S-S, right? 

  • Begin with a prayer for workers. 
  • Listen 
  • Eat
  • Serve 
  • Share

So, how well have you went fishing by blessing this week? Let me know down below.