Demand Fruit – Why Does A Tree Produce Fruit Anyways?

by RKisms

Boom shaka-laka! What’s up? What’s up? What’s up? Another thought from the car. 

I had a question this last week that I’ve been thinking through. What is the purpose for fruit? What do you think? What do you think the purpose for fruit is? Leave a comment down below. 

I was thinking about this. I actually started to go and do some research. 

Now, let me give a little bit of background. Me and my buddy Bram, we do this Xtreme evangelism school. In this school, we do a training where we demand fruit from people. The first day of school, you get there. We send you out to the streets, require you to see a miracle, have a video of it on your phone or we won’t let you come back. 

So, the first day, 100% of people will see a miracle happens every single time. Sometimes, it takes them until like one in the morning, but everyone will see a miracle. 

Then a couple of days later, we send them out and just say, “Hey, go where you used to go. Go to the mall. Go to the restaurant. Go to the store or whatever. If you get an opportunity, minister to people.” Usually what happens, where two days before 100% of people saw something happen, a couple of days later, maybe two or three people will see something. It’s a teaching and a teachable moment where we get to say, “Look, two days ago, you demanded fruit from yourself and you saw something. Every single one of you saw something. You went out today, you didn’t demand fruit from yourself and you didn’t see something happen.” 

There’s a time in the gospels. It’s in Mark 11 where Jesus sees a fig tree, He walks up to it. There’s no figs of trees that’s getting cursed because it didn’t have fruit. The thing was, it says it wasn’t the season for figs. So, we don’t have the right to give Jesus an excuse and not give him fruit. 

I had this question popped in my mind last week. What’s the purpose of fruit? 

The purpose of fruit according to the Google and the research that I did is reproduction. The purpose of a tree producing fruit is so that it can reproduce. So, think about this. You have to demand fruitfulness from yourself. 

The thing is, the fruit that you need to demand of yourself is reproduction. 

What Paul said to Timothy, Paul says, “Timothy, the things that you’ve heard from me, entrust reliable men who will teach others.” That’s four generations. You teach another, they teach another, they teach another. That’s fruitfulness. That’s reproducing. 

So, it’d be interesting if we asked the question, how many of you have taken what God has done in your life and reproduced it in another person? Train another person how to do what God has taught you how to do so that they can reproduce it in another and another and another and another, because we’re called to be fruitful people reproducing what God has done in us, in others. But how many of us have done it? 

In my next video, I’m going to tell you about a guy who is one of the church planting multiplication movement guy trainers. One of the things he realized in his training, because the numbers that he found in how many people will do what you teach them and how many people will reproduce what you taught them, how to reproduce is pretty staggering. 

So, catch my next video and I’ll talk to you about the reproduction numbers. All right.