Boom shaka-laka! What’s up everybody? 

We had this great talk today in our pastors meeting. We had a guy come down, Dan Remoschnider, I don’t know, Dan Remo? But he answered this question, why disciple to the fourth generation? 

He has this concept. He calls the ‘black hole church’. In black holes, stuff goes in, nothing comes out. He started talking about discipleship. There’s not only black hole churches, there’s black hole disciples where you pour into their life and nothing comes out the other side. He said this and we were sitting around in a circle or a square. He said, “Look, if I begin to disciple and train up the next guy, and he doesn’t give it away to the next person after him, then everything that God has been doing, like a chain, everything stops at  him because they didn’t pass it along.”

I’ve been thinking about that. We don’t want to be black hole disciples where what we’re learning from God, we’re not multiplying to other people. 

I want to encourage you, don’t be a black hole disciple where what you received, you never multiply and giveaway to another person because that’s not your purpose in life. Your purpose in life is to go out there, impact people lives in the name of Jesus. Multiply what he’s doing in you in other people. 

What do you think? Let me know about them below.