So, the other day I talked about how the ladies in green are out selling their crack cookies again.

Those girl scout cookies man… they’re not for you but they taste amazing!

So what’s your favorite girl scout cookie?

Let me know in the comments down below. 

I’m definitely a thin mint kinda guy….definitely Thin Mints for me.

So I mentioned that there’s a way that girl scouts can actually sell more cookies.

So who wants to know how girl scouts can sell more cookies… anyone?

Years ago, the Hare Krishnas were trying to raise money by donations and they would go to places like airports, and whatnot, and pretty much  everyone thought that hey were just these crazy weirdos, no one was really donating.

So they started to take advantage of this thing called ‘Reciprocity’.

They would get these little plastic flowers and they would give them to people and it was like the people couldn’t give them back. 

It’s like here take this flower and then after the people receive the flower then they would ask them for donations and this significantly increased their amount of donations. 

So what if girl scouts selling their cookies in front of stores took advantage of reciprocity and instead of saying “do you want to buy a box of cookies” they could say “hey I got you a free cookie” and give people their favorite cookie and then after that ask them would you like to buy a box of your favorite cookies. 

Guaranteed you’ll sell more because you’re taking advantage of a thing that’s innate in every single person called ‘Reciprocity’ and that’s my key for selling more cookies.