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by RK Castillo

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00:00 – The Worker Maker Community

In the Worker Maker Community, which is the training site, I formatted everything around this idea of 4 Fields. Then I realized, well, I haven’t talked a lot to you guys about what the 4 Fields is.

00:20 – Dream of God

So, I think, to finish the Great Commission, we need basically three things. We need to understand the dream of God.

The dream of God, I believe, is what the Great Commission is about – the every and the all. But Mark Great Commission says, “Preach the gospel to every single creature, every single person on the planet.” The Matthew Great Commission says, “You need to disciple all the nations.” So it’s the every and the all. That’s the dream of God – the every and the all – every person hearing the gospel, all the nations’ disciple.

Now, when I saw that that’s what God wants, I said, “God, how can we be a part of it? what should we do?” You need to understand the dream of God.

01:04 – Strategy – The 4 Fields

Then you need to understand the strategy of God.

I think one of the best strategies for finding your place to finish the Great Commission is the 4 Fields. So, what in the world is the 4 Fields? The first field is the go field. You need to figure out what field God is calling you to and how you were supposed to go and start doing these whatever field God’s calling you to.

Now, if you were a farmer, once you found your field, the first thing that you would start to do is you start to work your field. You start to plow the field. You start getting the field ready. So, that’s what that first field is all about – figuring out what field you’re going to go to and getting it ready.

The second field is I call the gospel field. It’s planting seeds of the gospel. Jesus says, “The seed sown is the gospel.” So, what is the gospel? The gospel means good news. It’s the good news of the Kingdom of God being planted in whatever field God is calling you to.

The third field is the grow field. Once you start sharing the good news of the Kingdom and people start saying yes to the King, submitting their life to the King, they have to learn how to grow up as a Kingdom citizen. It’s what we call discipleship. So we’ve got to have some strategy to start to disciple people and raise them up to be what God called them to be.

The fourth field is the gather field. Once you start to disciple people, you need to start gathering them in what I call ekklesias or churches. I like the term ecclesia because when we say church, a lot of people think of a building that you go to on a Sunday, but that was never God’s purpose for the church. The church was supposed to be an influencing agent to transform the culture so they could reach the nations.

The 4 Fields is all about gathering. How can you gather and start to multiply? Now, right at the center of these 4 fields, if you can imagine a circle with arrows going up to all four of them, one thing Jesus said to pray for when you’re going out and you’re trying to do the Great Commission, he says, “The harvest is plentiful, but the workers, if you ask the Lord of the harvest to raise a worker for the harvest.”

So, right at the center is we have this multiplication principle where we’re multiplying the goers and we’re multiplying a gospel source and multiplying growers, and we’re multiplying gatherers. We see the Kingdom got small, like small muscles you need to grow the largest tree in the garden. It starts off like yeast, but it begins to work through all its way through the whole society, because we have these 4 Fields workers going up there and multiplying and finding workers and multiplying what God is doing on the earth.

03:47 – 3 Things To Finish The Great Commission

So, you have the dream of God – the every and the all. You have the strategy of God, which is the 4 Fields. I think this is the best framework for finding our place in God’s plan to disciple the nation. But you have a dream, you have a strategy, but then you have to have a daily discipline. So, what in the world is the thing that God calls us to do daily?

What’s really interesting is if you look at the scriptures where Jesus says, “This is what you need to do every single day,” do you know what He says you to do? He says, “When you wake up in the morning, congratulations, it’s not about you.” He says, “Take up your cross daily, deny yourself daily, and follow me.”

So, our daily discipline is to wake up and say, “God, my life isn’t mine. It’s yours. How can I be a part of what You want to do in the nations today? How can I be a part of what You want to do in this neighborhood today?” It’s denying yourself, taking up your cross, following Jesus daily.

So you’ve got the dream, the strategy, and the daily discipline. Those are the three things that I think God is calling us to do so we can be a part of God’s dream, being fulfilled, finished in our generation. Can I get an amen?

So over the next few videos, I’m going to go more in-depth in each one of these fields and show you a way that you can be a part of what God wants to do in the nation.

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