When A Homeless Person Asks For Money – Testimony

by RKisms

What’s up everybody? I’ve been doing a bunch of videos on this thing with, what would you do when a homeless person asks you for money? 

I had a fun story yesterday. I had a guy come to church. His wife lives in another country and she needed $500 yesterday. They hadn’t eaten in five days and they were about to turn their electricity off. He’s like, “I need to get her money.”

Now again, like I said in one of my other videos, if you don’t have money, you can’t give. I didn’t have an extra $500 to send to his wife in another country. So I said, “All right, let’s pray.” 

There’s the story where Jesus has to pay his taxes. So, he sends Peter out and he says, “Peter, I need you to go fishing. Throw out your line. The first fish that you catch, take the coin out of its mouth and you can use that to pay your taxes and my taxes.” Now, Peter does exactly what Jesus said and he’s able to do the exact thing that Jesus said so that they can take care of the bills that they needed to pay that day. 

So, I talked about the story and I prayed for him. I said, “God, show him where this money is so he can go and do something to collect it so that he can help his family,” and said Amen. Last night, I got a text message from him. “Thank you so much. I was able to send $450 to my wife tonight. God does miracles. Thank you for praying.”

Sometimes, you don’t have what people need, but do you know who knows how to get what they need for the night or that day? That would be Jesus. 

So again, if you don’t have a dollar to spare or a spare $500, man, ask him if you could pray for him. Just pray that prayer that I prayed. God knows how they can collect the money that they need and where it’s at. You just got to give them a strategy like He gave to Peter. All right. Amen. Amen.