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by RK Castillo

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In today’s video I want to talk about the one unique strategy that has led to a hundred percent of the people who come to our trainings getting out there doing miracles on the streets preaching the gospel and doing the stuff

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I’m like you, I was a pastor for more than 10 years i’ve been a missions leader in missions for more than a decade plus and i kept on having this frustration man i would preach and teach week after week at church and i just couldn’t get my people to go and do the stuff and then as an evangelist we would travel the world and speak in stadiums and get thousands and thousands of people raise their hand and say yes to jesus but i couldn’t get them to go and do the stuff.

And this just bothered me because i knew there was more and so one day we started to do something different and when we tried this this one thing all of a sudden people started to actually go and do what we taught!

I remember in one of our trainings with this old guy named Jose (We had a whole bunch of young people and then this one old guy), he came up to us in the middle of one of our outreaches and says “it’s so easy to lead people to Jesus” we said “well yes, it is” he says i’m gonna go back i’m gonna leave my whole city to jesus and we’re like yes you need to go do that so you know what he did went home you know he would work he was an old farmer he worked on the farm finished milking this cow when took a shower wouldn’t let his neighbor to jesus the next night finished working on the farm melt his cow took a shower when it led the other neighbor to jesus and within within a couple months he had a small group in his house of more than 60 people it it took him and a group and his church it took him about three years but they reached every single home in their city three times so they impacted an entire an entire city then they began to send other people to plant churches and ministries and other parts of the nation and it all be it all happened because we started focusing on this one thing doing this one thing has made the biggest difference to impacting entire cities and regions and this one thing is Making Worker Makers what i began to call making worker makers so in luke chapter 10 jesus says to pray before he sends his disciples out on outreach he says the harvest is plentiful but the workers are few ask the lord of the harvest to raise up workers for the harvest that tells me something the harvest is plentiful there’s plenty of people that are out there ready to say yes to jesus give their lives to him right what does jesus say is lacking workers what’s interesting is at that time when jesus told him that he had all of his disciples with him so if he’s telling him the workers are few and he’s telling them to pray and he’s sending them and go on and find workers where are the workers going to come from the workers for the harvest come from the harvest so we began to do this one thing and completely shifted everything in our ministry to go after this one thing finding training and sending worker makers so how in the heck do you find How Do You Find Workers? workers and how do you know if you found a worker so today i want to talk about this one strategy that we’ve been using among many to help us find workers and find them quickly i call it the the no plan b strategy right now No Plan B Strategy um one of my best friends he he traveled with the same group that i did the same ministry that i did and he he worked in brazil now he began to have the same kind of frustration that i did man we’re like we’re preaching all the time we’re teaching and and he was speaking in camps and he he was just kind of getting sick and tired of having to go and speak at these camps and then man the kids wouldn’t begin to do this stuff you know you could preach a preacher preacher preach and they did not do anything so this camp calls them and he says i want to try a new strategy and they say what do you want to do and so he implemented the strategy that i’m talking about and guess what happened they all at this camp they all started to do the stuff even though a bunch of them didn’t want to they all saw god do miracles that day they there was even one group of people who didn’t want to go do it they ended up seeing a person get up and walk up out of a wheelchair and when a group of hundreds of young people at a camp when they all begin to see god do miracles right in front of them that changes young people’s lives and so when he told me about this thing that he started to do we decided man we’re going to do this in every single one of our schools so we started an extreme evangelism school we call it extreme evangelism school we started that you know over 10 years ago we said every single time we do this school we’re going to make them do this like the first day of the training we’re going to call the students in we’re going to say hey bring bring some walking shoes and some water you’re going to be walking they come in we haven’t taught him we haven’t trained him anything we say hey every single one of you has to see a miracle today you have to have a video of it on your phone or you can’t come back and we send them out to the streets and they have they have to see miracles that day right there is no plan b they have to do it even if it takes them all day long they have to see a miracle that day and guess what happens they all do it every single one of them will see a miracle that day 100 of them now i think the fastest the fastest miracle that we saw happen was in like maybe two or three minutes they went and found someone prayed for him god did a miracle they took a video testimony of it on their phone and came back right the longest it’s taken is like over a day you know at the one time we had we had a uh took a guy till three in the morning they usually leave around like ten or nine in the morning you know he was out there all day he’d come back you know you get these these students come back they yell at you they scream at you they say mean things to you and they insult you they you know sometimes they come back crying and it’s like you just have to say look there is no plan b we have to see this happen today there’s no no other option you’ll see it 100 of them will see it that day and what happens they begin to have this idea that god can actually use me now Why Miracles why miracles right why do we say you all have to see miracles now i did a study once i noticed in in the gospels in the book of acts where it would say things like news spread quickly about jesus or word about jesus spread quickly and i wanted to see what caused that it was a word of mouth epidemic where it spreads the the news about jesus spread over the entire region i wanted to see what caused the epidemic 90 to 95 of the time what caused a jesus epidemic where people began to talk about the good things jesus was doing nearly every single time it was demonstration of the power of god through a miracle a deliverance raising the dead you know people getting filled with the holy spirit like so i realized that doing miracles is not optional it’s actually a command of jesus in matthew 10 and luke 10 and in mark 16 right like so we’ve made miracles something that only special people in the church do or special ministers you know traveling ministers do no doing miracles is the birthright of every single follower of jesus and we want people to actually do this so that they actually get used to saying man like that’s not just for some guy that has this special gifting this is for me right i can do this stuff so that’s why we focus on miracles Demand Fruit now there’s a time where jesus walked up to a tree he wanted fruit from it but there was no fruit and jesus says man this tree is cursed and it says it wasn’t even the season for fruit so why do we demand fruit from our people because if you’re gonna stand before jesus he’s gonna say look i asked you to do this i command you to do this so we want to demand people do the thing that jesus called them to do with no plan b right you have no option to stand before jesus and say i didn’t do the thing you commanded me to do heal the sick cast out demons you know raise the dead that kind of thing right like we have no option to not do the things that jesus commanded us to do can i get amen so we have to demand fruit from our people and if we want to see 100 of the people in your ministry do this thing like you have to actually get them to go and do it to see that they can there’s something about that thing that happens when they say man i can actually do this uh in a previous video i did uh talking Jesus Funnel about the jesus funnel we talked about the difference of how jesus ministered to the crowd versus how he ministered to the core right he ministered completely different to the crowd than he did for the court did you know that three-fourths of the gospels are his interactions with the disciples versus one-fourth of the gospels as his interaction with the crowd so think about that there’s a three to one ratio of jesus treating his disciples versus him interacting with the crowds so jesus spent time with his disciples and when he sent them out to do the miracles and and signs and wonders like you know that jesus sent his disciples out to do miracles in luke chapter 10 before he taught him how to pray that was luke chapter 11 right so demanding fruit right this no plan b strategy is for uh kind of the middle of the funnel bottom of the funnel type of thing like as a pastor i couldn’t send 100 of my people in the church out to do miracles in the street it wouldn’t have worked but as a trainer and the people that i’m discipling i hundred percent can so just think about that as as you’re a pastor or a ministry leader or whatever and you want to get your people to do it Find Your Core & Send Them man find that core group of people so not the crowd the core group of people that you’re training and say hey today we’re going to do this and they’re not going to be an option to not do it you’re going gonna go do miracles on the street today bring a video of it on your phone and then you can come back right that’s i mean that’s just that’s the best way to get people to go and do and we also have another exercise that we do a couple days later after we send him to actually get this to be built as a habit in their lives but you know we’ll do another video about that later now go and actually implement this in your church in your ministry in your discipleship group let me know how it goes in the comments down below if you have any other questions of what we do how we do it man ask question down below i’ll make another video helping you figure out how to do it also this is one of the Join The Worker Maker Community strategies of many in the worker maker community now the worker maker community is a place where you can get discipleship mentorship training on how to go and implement all of the worker maker strategies it’s also a place that you can get all the tools and the the strategies that we’ve created this is just one of many of the strategies that we use to help and train and send people to find their place in god’s plan to finish the great commission right so if you would like more tools more training some personal coaching mentorship click on the link in the description down below love to help you out love to get these tools into your hands so you go out there multiply more worker makers can i get a amen all right now go out there make jesus famous

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