Characteristics Of Every Movement Catalyst

Characteristics Of Every Movement Catalyst

Characteristics Of Every Movement Catalyst

by RK Castillo

Do you know how long Jesus spent with his followers before he chose the 12 Apostles?  

1.5 Years!  

Think about that…Jesus spent 18 months with a group of disciples before he decided these 12 guys will be the leaders to spread this movement around the world.  

Most movement trainings focus on methods.  Think T4T (Training 4 Trainers), or DMM (Disciple Making Movements), etc.  These are all methods.  

Emanuel Prinz, author of Movement Catalysts decided to ask a different question, what if it wasn’t just the discipleship methods…what if it was the leader?  

And if it is the leader, what characteristics of said leader are the ones that spark Jesus Movements? 

Emanuel began an empirical research study of 35 different movements around the world.  

As he dug into these leader’s lives he realized there were specifically 11 characteristics that were common in every single one of them.  

If you know me…I like to create tools to help multiply Worker Makers.  Here’s the Movement Catalyst Tool I created for you:

  1. Hunger For God
  2. Expectant Faith
  3. Confidence
  4. Drive for Responsibility
  5. Dependability
  6. Persistence
  7. Empowering
  8. Confidence in the Holy Spirit
  9. Confidence in the Bible
  10. Idealized Influence Behavior
  11. Inspiring Personality

If you would like to Spark Movements these 11 qualities become a blueprint of the person you will want to grow in to.  

If you want to raise up leaders that Spark Movements, these 11 qualities are the things you are looking for and developing in the leaders you are discipling.  

As a missionary in another country, and a leader of young people, I’ve been focusing on #7 quite a bit.  Doing my best to push others, to empower the young people of this nation, to get out there and do the stuff.  

And so far, God has been doing some amazing things!

Here’s to developing the other 10 qualities until we’ve seen everyone in this nation reached and discipled!


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