How Complaining Can Help

How Complaining Can Help

How Complaining Can Help

by RK Castillo

I found myself complaining again and a mentor of mine taught me an important life lesson.   

We were visiting schools and doing talks about how you shouldn’t do drugs and engage in violence, and what not, and I started to complain that we weren’t preaching the Gospel enough.  

Finally, my mentor/leader says “an intercessor will always complain that we’re not praying enough and an evangelist will always complain that we’re not preaching the Gospel enough.”  

It was that moment I realized your complaints can reveal the thing you were born to do.  Because you’ve been wired by God to value that thing so much that you voice your opinion that it’s not happening enough.  

But remember…whenever you’re pointing the finger at someone to tell them what they should be doing more, there’s 3 more fingers pointing back at you to say “it’s you who should be doing that!”  

Obviously you complaining about all the traffic doesn’t mean you’re called to direct traffic better (or maybe it does).  

But if you find yourself wanting to meet with your pastor to tell him what the church needs to do more of, congratulations you just figured out which problem you’re called to solve.   

Last week I sent you a 12 word question to help you discover which God-given gifts you have to serve others.  

Now you know which problem you can aim those gifts at solving. 




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