How To Cast Out Demons


How To Cast Out Demons

by RK Castillo

The Weekly Worker Maker #09

Last week I shared a testimony of how an outreach team was invited by a witch to do a Bible Study in her home. During the Bible study the lady began to manifest demons.

This might seem a little weird and you might not know what to do if this were to happen at your Bible Study.

So today I wanted to share about the tool we created to help all of our teams be able to Cast Out Demons.

First of all, Jesus himself said in Mark 16:17 that followers of Jesus would do this.

Secondly, it’s not usually like in the old movie where the lady spins her head around. It’s usually some sort of oppression that a person can’t get breakthrough in.

Thirdly, C. Peter Wagner said every city transformation he has ever studied was sparked by a public deliverance. So if we want to see city wide transformation we should get accustomed to Casting Out Demons. He even went as far as saying churches should advertise to the public that they can come to church to get their demons cast out.

My favorite resource for this is a book called “Free In Christ” by Pablo Botari. He ran the deliverance tent for Evangelist Carlos Annacondia where he oversaw more than 60,000 deliverances.

I prefer Pablo’s method because it is more pastoral, he cares more about the people being ministered to. He doesn’t need, or even allow, the demons to get crazy, yell, scream, vomit, spin their heads around, any of that.

Basically you:

  • discern if this is actually a demonic manifestation
  • find out how it get there
  • close the doors
  • cast the suckers outta there
  • and get the person filled with the Holy Spirit.

That’s the gist of it. Pablo actually teaches 10 steps.

If you’ve ever seen the 4 Fields Framework it is right here in Field #1:

I’ve been thinking about running a FREE 7 day challenge where I’ll go in depth into Field #1. You’ll learn how to hear God’s Voice, you’ll learn how to heal the sick and cast out demons and practical ways to share the Gospel and multiply disciples.

If that’s something that you would like me to put together for you. Let me know!


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