How To Cast Out Demons

How To Cast Out Demons

How To Cast Out Demons

by RK Castillo

During my first overseas mission trip, a man started acting really weird during a ministry time.  So I approached him and asked what was going on.  


“The devil is trying to kill me” he said.  To which I responded “The devil has been defeated.”  We began to pray for him and he started to manifest demons.  


At 19 years old, I had never experienced anything like this so I had no idea what to do.  We prayed, yelled, commanded and nothing really happened.  


Luckily another gentleman knew better and took control of the situation and the guy was set free.   


As Peter Wagner studied transformation of cities around the world,  He said that every citywide transformation he studied happened as a direct result of a public deliverance.  So his conclusion was that every church should publicly advertise “We can cast your demons out.” 


This lead me on a journey of trying to figure out what to do when people need to get rid of them demons. 


In Matthew 10:8 Jesus commands us to “…drive out demons.”  Mark 16:17 says one of the signs that will accompany believers is “they will drive out demons.”   


This isn’t just for weird people on the internet.  This is for every follower of Jesus.  


Here’s what I discovered…


Jesus had a one step method, he would say “Go” and the demons would leave.  


That should be the first thing you try.  Take authority over the unclean spirit and command it to leave.  


If that doesn’t work I found a really helpful 10 step framework to help you get people free of those suckers.  


Here’s what we train out people to do:

  1. Individual takes priority
  2. Bind the Spirit
  3. Communicate with the person
  4. Do they want to be set free?
  5. Lead them to Jesus
  6. Interview
  7. Close the doors
  8. Cast out demons
  9. Prayer of thanks
  10. Fill with the Holy Spirit

I learned this from a guy who oversaw more than 60,000 deliverances.  He needed a simple system to train workers to help these individuals to get free.  


This week I’ll be releasing another training in the Worker Maker Community where we look at these 10 principles and how to walk people through each step to Cast Out Them Demons. 


You should jump into the community and get this training!  Click the link below to join.



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