How To Get New Church Members By Next Week


How To Get New Church Members By Next Week

by RK Castillo

The Weekly Worker Maker #06

Did you know it costs about $330,000, on average, for a church to see someone say Yes to Jesus and get baptized. What if there was a way to get that number down to just $63?


I want to show you how you can deploy a strategy this week and get new visitors to church by Next Sunday. 


Now, the average American spends 7h4m looking at a screen a day.  The average Gen Zer, spends 9 hours looking at their screen.  And basically 2h30m of that time is spent on social media. .


So if you want to reach new people in your community, the new way to do it is via their phone. 


These social media companies need to pay their bills to keep the lights on.  So google, youtube, facebook, Insta have all made a way for you to spend a little and get a message in front of the people who live in your community and are on their phones two and half hours a day on these platforms.


Lets look at Facebook Ads.  


We ran a campaign that got 1000 people messaging us asking us to pray for them in just 4 days.  


Here’s how you do it. 

  • Create a Facebook Ads Campaign
  • You can choose to only show those ads to people who live within a certain radius in your city. 
  • Create a video that says the Miracle Question from the Story Evangelism Blueprint “If God Could Do A Miracle In Your Life What Would It Be?”  
  • Choose your daily budget (One pastor spends $10 per day and gets 2-4 prayer requests a day)
  • When people respond, Pray for them and invite them to your church or discipleship group

It’s that simple.  


On average around 10% of the people who message you asking for prayer will plan a visit to your church. 


This is a simple strategy you can use to begin to reach people in your community.  

If you want to see a step by step breakdown of the exact ads we used, how to set everything up and what to say when people message you to not only minister to them but also invite them to your church.  You can get the workshop for free when you join the Worker Maker Community below.


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