How To Multiply Disciples Quickly


How To Multiply Disciples Quickly

by RK Castillo

The Weekly Worker Maker #15

A few years ago I was sitting in my chair praying and God asked me this question “Why do trees produce fruit?”  

I had no idea so I did what most people would do….I went and asked the Google.  

It turns out trees produce fruit so they can multiply. 

Jesus says you judge a tree by its fruit.  So each and everyone of us will be judged by how well we multiplied the things God put inside of us into others.  

Be fruitful and multiply was the first thing God told people to do.  

So how can we multiply?  And how can we do it quickly?  

It’s all about the soil.  

Jesus shared a parable about seed sown in 4 different types of soil.  Only 1 type of soil produced multiplying fruit.  

I’ve been reading a book called “From Megachurch To Multiplication” by Chris Galanos.  He was the pastor of one of the fastest growing mega churches in the United States when God called them to transition into multiplying DMMs (Disciple Making Movements) to see 1,000,000 saved in 10 years in the USA.   

Weekly their people spend time with the lost.  One couple even goes to Walmart every week and won’t leave until they’ve prayed for 45 people! 

As they’ve gone out they realized the most fruitful soil is to find PIPSY.

PIPSY comes from Matthew 25 where Jesus basically says “when you did this to one of the least of these you did this for me.”  

PIPSY stands for:

  • Poor
  • International
  • Prisoner
  • Sick
  • Y (doesn’t stand for anything just turns it into an adjective so they can talk about a neighborhood being PIPSY)

In Spanish (I work in South America) it becomes PEPE.  

So if you want to multiply quickly and finish the Great Commission, find the PEPE and begin hanging out with them.  

What do you do and what do you say with PEPE?

Follow the Story Evangelism Blueprint.  It gives you the exact question to start a conversation, what to say to easily share the Gospel and it even gives you a way to start Discovery Groups with people who don’t want to follow God yet.  

If you’d like to download the Story Evangelism Blueprint go to


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