I Wish They Would Have Told Me This When I Became A Missionary

I Wish They Would Have Told Me This When I Became A Missionary

I Wish They Would Have Told Me This When I Became A Missionary

by RK Castillo

24 years ago, today, I left home to become a missionary.   As I look back over the years, there’s one thing I wish they would have told me when I first got started.  


In fact, this is probably the one thing I’ve repeated to young missionaries and ministers more than anything else.  


There will be prolonged seasons where God will have you do something that you think is the exact opposite of the thing he has called you to do.  Instead of quitting, you need to embrace the process during these seasons, persevere and trust God.


There’s a guy in the Bible named Joseph, his story starts in Genesis 37.  God gives him a dream that he’s going to be a big time ruler, his brothers and even his parents will bow down to him.  


In the very next season of his life, he is sold into slavery and then falsely accused and sent to a prison.  


This probably looked to be the total opposite of what God had spoken to him but God was working something into his life.  God had a plan.  


In the end, Joseph became a leader and the dream came true.  


These seasons will happen in every disciple’s life.   You will go through a season where you will need to learn to persevere and, like Joseph, your season might last for many years.  


Looking back over the last 24 years, I’ve had 2 seasons like this.  The first one lasted 4 years and the second lasted 11 years.  


These were tough times for me but God built in me foundations that I needed to be able to do what I’m doing today.  


He’s a good Father and you can trust Him.  


So if you’re in a tough season…embrace the process.  He’s Gooder Than You Think! 



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