Refugee Camp To A Prosperous Nation – Discipling Nations

Refugee Camp To A Prosperous Nation - Discipling Nations

Refugee Camp To A Prosperous Nation - Discipling Nations

by RK Castillo

In my search for tools to help people finish the great commission I ran across a lady named Landa Cope.


She is a YWAMer and was impacted by a TV show that a British journalist did on the impact of Christianity on cities.  His whole point was that if Jesus actually changes things, then the most Christian city in the USA should be impacted by its influence.  So he made his way to Dallas because it had the most Christians per capita in the United States.  


He then began to look at the different aspects of crime, drug use, teen pregnancy, etc.  The things that any sociologist would look at.


And the fact is that there was no difference!


So he began to interview the Christian leaders in Dallas and they all basically said the same thing “that’s not my responsibility.  My job is to help people spiritually.”  And when Landa Cope heard this it punched her in the gut.  She knew something was wrong with that.


She decided to drive across the USA and visit different YWAM bases and listen to the Bible on tape as she drove.  She was listening to the book of Deuteronomy as she drove and suddenly realized she was hearing advice that relates to government.  Then she heard advice about business.  And she had a major revelation.


When the Israelites left Egypt they were the largest refugee camp ever.

So God had to take this refugee camp and transform it into a prosperous nation.  And the first 5 books of the Bible were just that, a template for discipling a nation.


She calls it the Old Testament Template and she wrote a great book with the same name.


With this revelation she began to study the Bible to see what it says about the different mind molders.  And she has studied every verse in the Bible that has to do with the spheres of influence/culture molders/mountains/mind molders/domains whatever it is you want to call them.


And once she studied all the verses that have to do with the Spheres of Influence she created mission statements for each of the mind molders.

Mission Statements For The 7 Spheres:

Religion– Mercy- To provide for the discipleship of all believers in the whole nature and character of God and His Word applied to the work and walk of faith, and to facilitate the expression of that faith in worship and in the sacraments of the Church.

Government– Justice- To provide and ensure justice and equity for all citizens including executive, judicial, military, enforcement and central services.

Arts & Entertainment– To provide rest, relaxation and restoration of the soul through beauty and joy.

Education– Development- To provide for the development of the God-given gifts in every child for the service of their fellow man and society, believing every child is gifted by God and has the right for those gifts to be developed to their highest potential.

Business– Provision- To provide needed goods and services and gainful employment opportunities for the community at a fair market price and wage.

Media– Information- To provide truthful, objective information of importance to the community so citizens can make informed decisions.

Family– Nurture- To provide a safe, nurturing environment for growth, values and education for the next generation.



So depending on which mind molder you are called to influence.  You can tell what you are supposed to influence this mind molder towards.



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