Talk When You’re Dead – 7 Step Book Writing Process


Talk When You’re Dead – 7 Step Book Writing Process - Listen To The Podcast

by RK Castillo

The Weekly Worker Maker #03

A few years ago, one of my good friends passed away from a tragic heart attack.

After he died, he taught me an important life lesson.

No, a dead guy didn’t come talk to me.

Before he died someone had recorded a video of him sharing his Jesus story.  You see, he’d had a longtime girlfriend break his heart and he’d decided to commit suicide.  He had a big knife to his chest and he cried out to God “if you’re real I need to know because this life sucks.” Right at that moment a friend of his called and said,  “I was sleeping, God woke me up and told me to call you. What’s up?”  And at that moment he realized God was real and loved him and gave his life to Jesus.

He shared all this on a video and after he died this video got shared over and over and over again.  It got thousands of views.

And at that moment I realized the power of taking your message and putting it in a form that will continue to impact lives even if you’re gone. 

I’ve been thinking about one specific type of content that lasts hundreds and hundreds of years and gets shared generation to generation. 


In fact, just a couple weeks ago someone asked me about a book, Practicing the Presence of God, that was originally written in the 1600s.  It was written more than 400 years ago and people are still wanting to read it!

What if the message that God has put inside of you could continue to impact the world 400 years from now?  Would you spend the time to write and be brave enough to publish your book?  

81% of people say they have a message inside of them they want to write a book about…less than 1% ever do.  Yet, being in the 1 percent is not as hard was you think.  In fact, I just counted and my family and I have published 165 books (yes…even my kids!)

Today I want to share with you a simple 7 step system I developed to write & publish a book in as little as a week:  

  1. Find An Idea
  2. Outline Your Book
  3. Write That Book
  4. Edit Er Up
  5. Fancy Title
  6. Cover It
  7. Launch It To The World

You could start on Monday and commit to doing a step per day and have your book out by the following Sunday or you could do a step per week and have your book launched in 2 months.  


The hardest book to write is the first one!  


So, may these 7 steps be a road map to guide you in the process. 


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