Using A.I. In Discipleship

Using A.I. In Discipleship

Using A.I. In Discipleship

by RK Castillo

Jesus is the ultimate question asker.  In fact, Jesus asked 307 questions and only answered 8 of them.  


So why more questions than answers?  


I’ve been asking the Lord to make me more like Jesus which means I need to learn to ask more questions and not always be the “answer” guy.  


Answers can be offered as a conclusion but questions are an invitation to contemplate and reflect; answers close and questions open.  


So I did a little experiment this last week.  I sent you an email with just a single question.  


I did this for 2 reasons:

  1. People were telling me they weren’t getting my emails so either my email service was broken or the emails were going to the Spam folder.  When emails get opened and responded to it tells the email providers this email isn’t bad, you can trust it.  So a simple question was a good way to see if my emails were getting sent and a good way to get some replies to tell the email robots you can trust my email.  
  2.  I send this “Weekly Worker Maker” newsletter to all of my contacts but I didn’t know if the people I email are Pastors or if they are something else.  So the best way to know is to ask that question. 😀

And to be honest, this single question email got more response than anything I’ve ever done.  


So thank you for participating in my experiment!


What does this have to do with the Great Commission?  


When you are learning how to ask better questions, sometimes it is helpful to have some examples to model.  


Recently there have been some amazing artificial intelligence tools released to the world and I’ve been using these tools for everything (I even wrote my wife 4 love songs created by A.I.)


I’ve been contemplating how to use A.I. to help with discipleship so this is one of the things I did.  


In the book “Movement Catalysts” Emanuel Prinz, decided to ask a question, 

“what if it wasn’t just the discipleship methods that led to movements…what if it was the leader? And if it is the leader, what characteristics of said leader are the ones that spark Jesus Movements?”


Emanuel began an empirical research study of 35 different movements around the world.  


As he dug into these leader’s lives he realized there were specifically 11 characteristics that were common in every single one of them.   


In the book, he shared what these 11 characteristics were and the best practices that each leader did to live these out.  


Enter ChatGPT.  I simply input these 11 characteristics and all the best practices and said “please give me 3 questions I can ask around each characteristic and best practice to see how people are doing”  


Here are 3 examples:


Characteristic #1 of Movement Leaders is they have a Hunger For God.  


For Ongoing Desire:

“How do you nurture and maintain your desire to grow closer to God in your day-to-day life?” 

For Spiritual Practices:

“Which spiritual practices, like prayer or meditation, do you find most beneficial in deepening your hunger for God, and how frequently do you engage in them?” 

For Guidance & Learning:

“Can you share a recent experience where you sought spiritual guidance from a mentor or engaged in a study or gathering to learn more about God?”

These questions should help people reflect on and share how they embody the characteristic of  “Hunger for God” in their lives.


If you would like all the questions you could use in your discipleship conversations around becoming Movement Catalysts, jump into the Worker Maker Community below.  I’m going to upload these questions in the Movement Catalysts section inside the membership site. 


Many Blessings!



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