What Should A New Christian Do?

What Should A New Christian Do

What Should A New Christian Do?

by RK Castillo

Today I was watching some videos on “the YouTubes” from Bible Memory Experts.  The amazing thing is most of these memory experts aren’t super geniuses, they have techniques and strategies that enable them to remember all this information.

This got me thinking. 

What’s the technique that I use more than anything else to help me remember things?  

I use acronyms. 

I’ve been doing this since I first got saved as a teenager and our youth pastor was trying to get us to remember the 10 commandments: NIVSPMASLC

The first letter of each command becomes the letters in the acronym.  

And here’s the thing….the weirder the acronym the better.  Weird things make it easier for your brain to remember. 

With the Weekly Worker Maker, I try to send you one actionable tip a week to help you finish the Great Commission.  

So, what’s the key to reaching everyone, discipling all the nations and finishing the Great Commission?  


That’s the memory tool I created to help me remember what we should be training every follower of Jesus to obey. 

Jesus said to Disciple all the Nations by teaching them to obey everything he commanded (Matthew 28:19-20).

So I asked the question “I wonder which commands of Jesus the disciples started to teach people to obey right away?”  

I looked at Acts 2 because Jesus had just ascended, the Holy Spirit came upon the 120 in the upper room, crowds gathered, Peter boldly shares the Gospel and they ask the question “what do we need to do?” (Acts 2:37) 

From Acts 2:38-47 we get a glimpse of what the early church began to disciple the new followers of Jesus to obey right away.  


10 Things A New Christian Should Do:

  • Preach
  • Repent & Be Baptized
  • Holy Spirit
  • Obey the Word
  • Love One Another
  • Eat Together
  • Pray
  • Heal the Sick
  • Give
  • Go

These 10 things are what you should start training new believers to do right away.


And as always, I created a tool for you.


In this tool, we give you the specific verse where Jesus commanded you to do this.  We give you a story from the Bible of someone actually doing what Jesus said (because stories are another memory tool.  Stories are much easier to remember) and we give you questions to ask around each story to help spark conversations in your discipleship groups. 


I call this tool the Be One Train One card. 


You can download this tool free at BeOneTrainOne.com


Now Go, do PRHOLEPHGG and raise up Worker Makers!

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