Your Brain & Goals

Your Brain & Goals

Your Brain & Goals

by RK Castillo

We’re about 3 weeks into the New Year and I wanted to share with you the scientific way to make it so you automatically do the things you want to do without even thinking about them.  


In Atomic Habits, James Clear said “You do not rise to the level of your goals. You fall to the level of your systems.”


When it comes to doing the things God has called me to do, I always default to a specific system to make something a habit.  


For example, years ago I heard that you’re never more dehydrated during the day than in the morning when you wake up.  So you should try to drink a glass of water immediately when you wake up in the morning.  


So I wanted to build a habit of drinking water immediately when I wake up.  


First thing you want to do when making automatic habits is chose only one thing you’d like to do.  Too many goals and you’ll get overwhelmed and do none of them.  


Then you want to create an environment to make your goals as easy as possible.  In this instance, I decided to put a glass of water next to my bed within arms reach so I could easily grab it and drink it before getting out of my bed.  


Whenever you are trying to do something new you’ll always hit what I call “habit gravity.”  


Rocket ships spend 80% of their fuel just trying to escape the pull of gravity in the atmosphere.  After around day 3 of trying to build a new habit you’ll feel the pull of wanting to do the old thing.  You’ll forget to put your glass next to your bed.  If you’re trying a new diet you’ll think about eating those Krispy Kreme Donuts.  If you wanted to exercise more, you’ll not want to actually go to that Cross Fit class today.  


This is the time when you’re gonna need some good ole fashioned discipline or a wife who won’t let you be a quitter (We’ll talk about the 2 questions and 6 change strategies another day).  


Just know that as you make it through the initial pull of habit gravity you’ll eventually hit escape velocity and the habit will become second nature.  


I read about a study where they gave a group of people these goggles that made everything flip upside down.  If they kept the goggles on all the time, on average, their brains would rewire and flip everything ride side up around the 28 day mark.  If they took the goggles off at all during that same time their brains wouldn’t rewire.  


So at a bare minimum keep doing the habit for 28 days and don’t quit.  


In reality, 60 days is a better amount of time to continue doing this thing.  


Back to my water goal….


I actually feel like I’m missing something if I go to sleep and there isn’t water next to my bed.  


It is now automatic.  


  • Choose 1 Goal – Have Systems In Place To Make It Easier To Do
  • Make It Through Habit Gravity
  • Do it a Minimum of 28 Days (60 is better…every day for the rest of your life is best)




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