3 Step Church Marketing & Evangelism Strategy

3 Step Church Marketing & Evangelism Strategy

3 Step Church Marketing & Evangelism Strategy

by RK Castillo

In my book Kingdom 24902 I talk about how McDonald’s taught me how to finish the Great Commission.  

McDonald’s is all over the world because of systems.  You can basically go to any McD’s anywhere in the world and get the same basic burger because of systems.

Do you know how much the system to reach someone and get them plugged into a church in the USA costs right now?  

A study done by David Barrett and Todd Johnson 20 years ago discovered it costs $1.5 million!  20 years ago!  Imagine what it costs now, after the Rona.  

Another study said it costs around $330,000.  

What if there was a system, a framework, that could get the cost below $100 and you could do it this week and new people would come to church next week…

Let me explain how to do this.  

Last year I did a podcast episode called “How Jesus Made Disciples – The Jesus Funnel”  Here’s the Jesus Funnel again:



You see the biggest part of the funnel is the top.  Jesus would meet needs– He would do things like heal the sick or multiply bread and thousands would gather.

Where are the crowds nowadays?  Where is their attention?  

Ever been to a place where people are waiting…what are they doing?  

They’re all looking down at a screen.  

This screen becomes the top of the funnel for you.  

Here’s the system to reach people on their screens and get them to visit your church, I call it the O2F Method:  

Step #1 – Run Facebook Miracle Question Ads  

For a step by step process on how to do this check out The Weekly Worker Maker #12 How to Setup Facebook Prayer Ads  for around 16 cents we get someone to message us asking for prayer.  

Step #2 – Pray For Them

When they message you asking for prayer, have a system to pray for them and a script of what to say to get them to visit  your church.  You do all of this via your phone as an audio message. In the O2F Method Workshop you get exactly what to say at the end of your audio to invite the to church.  Others have found around 10% of the people you pray for will visit the church.  

Step #3 – Plan Your Visit

Have a Plan Your Visit (PYV) process.  Imagine you are an unbeliever and you are thinking about visiting a church for the first time.  You don’t know what to wear, where to go, how the people will act there, etc.  You want to help people overcome those barriers.  Tell them where to park, who will greet them when they get there.  The greeters should help them navigate where to sit and what not.  

One leader who did this process in his church found that 80% of those who signed up for PYV became members of the church within 3 weeks.  

I’m thinking of doing a Free Training on how to do this process.  It will be in a Facebook Group.  If you’d like to be a part of that training let me know!


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